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We come into this world with a knowing – that we are perfect and part of a divine wholeness.

But as we travel the winding path of life many of us feel more and more disconnected from ourselves and the planet.

 Today’s society has fallen out of sync with the natural rhythms of Mother Earth, leading to toxicity and ‘dis-ease’, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Toxins are all around us – in our food, water, air and our thoughts, leaving us in an empty haze and seeking for something that will alleviate our suffering. This emptiness leads to the never-ending quest for more and more external satisfaction.

Our home the earth is complete with everything we need for guidance and wholeness.  Mirabai Wellness is based on practices that draw from the ancient wisdom of planet.
It’s time to come back home to our ‘Self’ and re-establish our connection with each other, Mother Earth, and Source.

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