Tell me a Story


The Historian.jpegWe all tell stories. To our kids, our friends, our families, heck, even to strangers in the checkout line (as I did just yesterday, as a matter of fact).  Many of these stories are deeply and richly embedded in our generational history.  Who doesn’t have a tale or two to share about an eccentric aunt, a doting grandparent, a precocious toddler?  We know these like the back of our hand, and can recount them as if by rote.

Perhaps the most deeply embedded of all the stories we tell however, are the stories we silently tell ourselves.  That internal storyline that ‘ghostwrites’ the behaviors which shape our actions and keeps us rooted in repeating the same unsuccessful patterns, over and over (and over) again.

Our tired – and unneccesary – repetition of these internal storylines reminds me of one of my favorite quotes:

‘Consciousness is observing your thoughts and actions so that you can live from true choice in the present moment rather than being run by programming (ie stories) from the past.’

But how can we do that?  The process of navigating from our old story to a new or revised story requires a ROADMAP.  The ROADMAP is an integral piece of the New Life Story Wellness Coaching training that I recently completed with Dr. David Krueger.  ‘Dr. Dave’, a psychoanalyst, psychiatrist and executive mentor and coach is the creator of the New Life Story® coaching system, which integrates the dynamic insights of psychology and neuroscience with the principles of strategic coaching and life fulfillment. In my experience, the depth of wisdom and level of sophistication of this coaching system is unsurpassed.

I find the New Life Story Wellness Coaching system to be some of the most satisfying – and compelling – work I have experienced, both for myself and my clients.  The ROADMAP process used in this coaching model is extremely effective.  Here is a description:

The ROADMAP process systematically informs active listening and understanding of the participant’s own story. Beyond that, it provides structure and strategies to guide the evolution of a participant’s unique voice as he or she writes and revises a new story.
The ROADMAP (acronym for the seven steps in the creation of a new story) is a structured process by which participants deconstruct an old story and systematically construct a new or revised one. No matter whether the story has to do with life, money, relationships, career, wellness, or business, this structured process serves as a guide to transformation.

I am proud to announce the publication of Dr. Krueger’s new eBook Successful Life Story Transformations: Using the ROADMAP System to Change Mind, Brain, and Behavior and honored to have contributed to the case studies that appear in the book.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in moving toward a ‘New Life Story’ of their own.  You can order a copy of this extraordinary eBook through Amazon via this link:

I’d love to hear your story.