About Mirabai

Mirabai Marquardt’s purpose is assisting others to discover their greatness through gaining clarity of the body, mind and spirit.  In her mission to serve the planet and its inhabitants, Mirabai continually pursues her own path of clarity, evolution and transformation. She holds certifications as a Professional Coach/New Life Story® Wellness Coach, Hypnotherapist, Yoga Nidra facilitator, and Shamanic Practitioner & Apprentice. With a lifelong interest in holistic health, she has also obtained certification as a Natural Health Professional.

In 2011, Mirabai was granted the “Seva,” (selfless devotional service) of opening the Mahavatar Babaji Mystery School of Rochester. The school offers opportunities for spiritual and metaphysical studies, including meditation, astrology, tarot, spiritual leadership, and metaphysical shamanism, among others.

‘Know Thyself’


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