Mystery School

The Mahavatar Babaji Mystery School of Rochester, NY is part of the Taoist Yogi Christ Lineage of Mahavatar Babaji and offers opportunities for deep spiritual and metaphysical studies. The Mystery School hosts classes and events focused on healing, meditation, spiritual astrology, numerology, tarot, eastern occult doctrine, mystical philosophy and theology, metaphysical shamanism, among others.

For more information on current classes and workshops, please visit our events page.

For information on our sister school, the Mahavatar Babaji Mystery School of Connecticut, located in Newtown, click here.

Life Coaching

What is life coaching?

Embracing a resourceful world view, coaching helps to promote a change towards greater effectiveness in an individual’s life.

Mirabai’s Coaching Strategy

Mirabai will work with you to create better balance and greater fulfillment in your life with a focus on strategic planning and personal growth.