Earth Based Healing Products

Flower Essences:

When you take a flower essence tincture each day, healing properties from the flower part of a plant benevolently alter your consciousness and personality.

Personal Transformation that feels like a hug from Mother Earth.

Flower essences are herbal infusions that use the life force of plants to gently work positive change throughout your spiritual and emotional body. 

Matter and consciousness are intertwined, and the majority of our medicines only address the physical realm. 

Essential Oils:

Essential Oils can be used as a substitute for harmful chemicals or in aromatherapy to help reclaim your radiance.

You’re standing in a pine forest or next to a rose bush, breathe deeply… What do you experience?

The beautiful aromas of nature are the basis of the healing power of essential oils.

These plant extracts help deliver mental support for overall emotional wellness.

CBD BioCare Products:

CBD BioCare Products are: Full spectrum oil extracted from hemp, organically grown in the USA, and domestically cultivated and manufactured in the USA

Do you know how to select high quality CBD products?

Mirabai Wellness offers the highest quality CBD products out there. Help the body and mind regain balance.

Reduce physical pain & symptoms or emotional imbalances with organic CBD products.

Purchase CBD BioCare Products HERE.

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