Karttikeyan Yogic Method

Karttikeyan Yogic Method™ ~ Spirit Speaking to Soul

The Karttikeyan Yogic Method™ is a language-based healing modality which addresses the Soul’s highest need and longing.  It is an esoteric spiritual therapy for those who are consciously progressing on their spiritual path and are ready for more advanced work.  The Karttikeyan Yogic Method™ unlocks hidden doorways and opens the cave of the heart.   The process is profound in effect, working on the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, cellular, molecular and DNA levels.  Ten different sessions are available, including ‘Karma Cleansing’, ‘Balancing the Yin and Yang’, ‘Kama Sutra White Light Tantra’ (for couples) and ‘Deep Sleep’ (which provides the benefit of at least eight hours of deep, uninterrupted sleep).  Private or group sessions; personalized CDs/mp3s available.

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