1200px-Firework_photomontage (1)What does that word bring up for you?  Being a Sagittarius with Aries  rising, I am all about independence.  With a capital ‘I’.  For a long time that manifested in me as an ‘I can do it all myself’ attitude.  At its healthiest it meant that I was self-sufficient.  The flip side of that meant denying people the opportunity to be of assistance, of service. And wasn’t I passionate about service? To others, to humanity, to the planet?

It wasn’t until recently that I’ve taken a different approach to independence.  It came in the form of a beautiful lesson I received when I attended a training awhile ago.  Part of my role at this event was to construct astrological charts for the attendees on an ‘as need’ basis – as in, ‘We need this right now!’  I sat behind a computer churning out chart after chart, sometimes for hours at a time – being of service. People would come by to check on me.  One young man, a new initiate in our spiritual community was particularly earnest – “Do you need anything?” “Can I do something for you?”  Each time I would automatically reply “I’m all set – thanks”.

One of the teachers came to consult with me about a chart.  The young man came by, asking if we needed anything.  Without blinking an eye, the teacher – a very wise woman – said, “Yes, could you get me a drink of water?”  The look of joy on this young person’s face as he dashed away was indescribable, having been given the gift to be of service.  The teacher didn’t need water – and I ‘got it’.  I also got an opportunity to balance my Yin and Yang – my tender and assertive aspects.

Needless to say, the next time he asked if I needed anything, I gratefully requested something; more paper for the printer, a cup of tea, a piece of chocolate (after all, the Shakti was pretty thick!).  And it felt really good…

A similar opportunity was presented to me last week when I attended a family wedding.  I was helping with the preparations and decided to move some card tables to create more room for the abundance of food that seemed to appear out of nowhere.  A shy young teenager asked if I needed help.  Truth be told, I could have lifted the tables with one hand and…without blinking an eye I said “YES! I would love some help!”  The look on her face?  Well, you get it!  Happy Independence Day!


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