New Life Story® Wellness Coaching

What’s your ‘Story’?

 We all have many stories: Money, Career, Relationship, Success, Wellness.   Are you happy with your story/stories?  Is it time to author a new story?

We learn through stories.  Stories are how we understand and how we remember.  A story is a system for holding together facts  – a way things make sense.  Defense lawyers know this.  Little kids standing next to broken vases know this.

We don’t see things as they are – we see things as we are.  We see what we believe.  And we’re always right.

We tell our story.  Then our story tells us.

What is New Life Story® Wellness Coaching?

New Life Story® Wellness Coaching combines groundbreaking research in psychology, neuroscience and quantum physics with strategic coaching to guide new approaches to change.  This approach embraces the first ‘Spiritual Law’ - ‘When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change’.  

Have you ever decided to change your story, but have been unable to sustain that change? With New Life Story® Wellness Coaching you will learn the reasons why, and how to incorporate long-term, lasting change.

Mirabai’s New Life Story® Wellness Coaching Strategy

As a licensed New Life Story® Wellness Coach and your traveling companion, we will unfold and consult the 7-step ROADMAP® Protocol to arrive at your desired destination –  the significant and lasting changes you desire in your life:

Recognize the authorship of your life story

Own your present story

Assess the storylines and plot

Decide what to keep, enhance, let go, and avoid.

Map changes

Author new experiences

Program new identity to incorporate and sustain the changes. 

How do I embark on the journey of my ‘New Life Story’?

‘Solo’ and ‘Group’ excursion coaching is available.  

New ! ‘Group Excursion’ coaching will be offered in the fall of 2015.   A wonderful opportunity for those who are nurtured, nourished and inspired through collaboration with others.

Solo (private) coaching is available by appointment.  Contact Mirabai to schedule your complimentary ‘discovery session’.

Questions?  Ready to take the next step? Feel free to contact Mirabai by email or phone (1+585.330.9367).


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