New Year’s ‘Evolutions’


I’m doing things a little differently this year.  Yes, I know that’s what we all say, but here’s my twist.  In this new year I have made the decision to ‘Evolve’ instead of ‘Resolve’.  I even ‘evolved into this blog post, waiting, incubating and gently falling – instead of jumping – into what I wanted to share.  Maybe it’s my Venus in Scorpio… or perhaps it’s because, according to numerology, 2014 is described as a year of Introspection for me.

I’ve been thinking about how I want to manifest this year.  It feels important to me.  ‘Monumental’ was the word used by one of the astrological sites I consult. This feeling started coming in to me in early December.  But can one year be more important than another?  It really does have to do with ‘evolution’ – each year, each day, each action building on the other.  I have decided that my motto for this year is ‘The best way to predict your future is to create it’.   I will be doing just that by looking within for the guidance, creativity and motivation that is bubbling up from deep inside my ‘Self’.

So why the kaleidoscope picture?  Well, it’s because my favorite way to enjoy a kaleidoscope is to twist the chamber ever…so…slowly, savoring each small nuance of change.  Did you ever notice that you can’t go ‘back’ on a kaleidoscope?  It’s never the same.  Can you look back at your life and see how the many small changes all add up to who you are today?  I’m spending some time doing that and liking what I see.  

Happy New Year!

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